Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Modern Calligraphy –

1:1 Online Workshop 

Modern calligraphy is my passion and if you are here I am sure you are interested in this beautiful art form too. I have gained a lot of experience with live workshops and had the honor to teach more than 400 participants over the past years. Now we can continue this journey digitally. Online teaching has great advantages that should not be underestimated. Below I have listed everything you need to know and hopefully, we will meet again soon to practice together.

It is super easy:
1. Choose your date
2. Choose a language (English, German or Portuguese)
3. Enjoy the anticipation 😀

My workshops are all about experimenting! Push all fears aside and create something of your own! How long has it been since you wrote something by hand? Well, then it’s about time.

With the combination of theory, practical exercises and individual support you will be able to create beautiful results and continue to work on your style independently. I will give you all the tips and tricks from my experience, and questions are always welcome – I can specifically address your needs.

Whether you want to improve your skills or are looking for a new hobby: modern calligraphy offers you amazing possibilities.

My goal is to provide you with a rich and varied learning experience. I will demonstrate the main techniques so that you are well informed and can make better decisions when it comes to finding your style and buying new materials.

We will practice the basic elements, start with alphabet templates, connecting letters and even try our own first variations. It is important to me to give you a lot of inspiration and ideas so that you enjoy the process and have fun on the way.

My participants are mostly beginners (with exceptions :D) and come from a variety of backgrounds, e.g. teachers, doctors, IT specialists, designers, project managers, etc.! So, no matter what background you have, you are very welcome.


90 minutes.


Basic strokes
Alphabet template
Tips & tricks
Q&A session – Ask me anything!


You only need:

Sumi Ink
Pelican Scribtol


Rhodia A4 Dot Pad

Pointed/flexible nib:


Zoom (Don’t worry, it’s very easy to use and I’ll show you how it works!)

Let’s do this!

Do you have any more questions? Please feel free to contact me at any time