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Branding & custom logotypes

An important part of building your brand is building a strong visual identity that people can easily recognize.

Creating an authentic brand that relates to your dream audience is necessary in order to establish trust and to be perceived as an expert in what you do.

Without the visuals that reflect your vision and style it is hard to connect with your ideal client. I can help you create your visuals from a simple logo to a more complex identity system. 

Featured projects from the studio

A curated collection of my favorite projects. Follow along on Instagram for more inspiration.

Lisa Jureczko Calligraphy Monogram
Monika Lademann Calligraphy Logo
Em Wild Logo
Joachim Poet Harms Logo
Merle Weddings Calligraphy Logo
Bridal Day Calligraphy Logo
Logo tres corazones
Mu Calligraphy Logo
Debi Show Lettering Brand